Wednesday, March 31

May I Introduce Mr. and Mrs. Fools, and Their Daughter, April

Someone, either a poet or a tax protester, once said that April is the cruelest month, and so it may be (though I'm rather fond of it myself).

But could anyone have really been so cruel as to name their daughter April, when their family name is Fool?

Ms. April Fool, are you out there?

Apparently so.

The family name of Fool or Fools, while not terribly common, is not unheard of, either. It may be a variant spelling of Fowles, and names of that ilk, but whatever its origins, there is no shortage of Fools out there in the world.

But really now...April Fools?

According to Intelius, one of the most comprehensive public record lookups, there are three April Fools in the US (in Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota), along with two women named April Fool, one in New York and one in Nebraska (I'm assuming April is a girl's one would be so cruel as to name their son April!).

The Nebraska Ms. Fool has a relative by the name of Ima Fool, indicating a family with a sense of humor, or (more likely) someone filed a phoney form down at the local DMV.

The sounds-like search at offers up a few variations on the name, including April Fewell, April Foil, and April Foyil.

From FamilySearch and other data bases come other variations: April Fauls, April Fowles, April Falls, April Foiles, April Fulce, and April Fales. And let us not overlook Miss May Foole.

There are many other families in history who could have given rise to an April Fool, but apparently chose not to (or at least, didn't leave a record behind), including:

  • Charles Fool-Bear, and other assorted foolish animals: Foolbull, Foolscrow, and Fool Hawk, among them.
  • According to CWSS, Dick Fool wore the Grey, and James Fool the Blue in the Civil War.
  • Bepiah B. Foolchand once walked the earth, as did Mohssen Fooladjoush, Charles Foolkroynik and Edith Fooler.
  • There's someone named Gold Fool and another named Fishin Fools
  • And according to Forces Reunited, there was once a British Soldier with the unlikely name of Tycloldicafoolo.

 However, according to the Canadian Genealogy Centre, there are no Fools in Canada.

 And no...I'm not fooling!

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Unknown said...

This is too funny!!!! Remember that old TV game show? "Will the real Ms. April Fool please stand up?"

Joan Haines said...

April Foil must live in New Joisey.

Elaine Chastain said...

Thank goodness there's not one born everyday, as the saying goes. LOL!

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Kind of like the "Dufus" I found in the census last night. Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

could be a married name not a given

Unknown said...

Hi Genealogy Tools,

I couldn't find a way to email you, but I wanted to contact you about a genealogy awards project we're running at If you can drop me an email at, I'd really appreciate it. (feel free to delete this comment once you get it!)

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Names are so much fun to watch and see! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations on Top 100 Recognition!
Visiting all 100 takes some time. Thanks for what you do!

Bill ;-)
Author of "Back to the Homeplace"
and "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

Unknown said... lets you search for FREE through over 700,000 family names and over 25 million individuals. It's ideal for searching for family members, building a family tree, performing genealogy research or just finding someone.

Anonymous said...

Mohssen Fooladjoush is my father in law! And yes my married name is Fooladjoush as well...

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