Friday, October 23

Coats of Arms

In 1905, a fellow by the name of Arthur Charles Fox-Davies published an encyclopedic tome called Armorial Families: a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour.  

In its more than 1,500 pages, it covers a very large number of heraldy coats of arms in Britain, with illustrations and brief descriptions of the family histories and heads of family for each crest.

There's even a section devoted to the particular gentlemen's club to which the family head belonged.

As you may have surmised by now, the book is fully available online (for free, of course).  It is a massive download, at more than 200 MB, so unless you're really keen on having this as your own file, you may want to use the Read Online ebook viewer offered at the Internet Archive. The Table of Contents can be found on page n31, while page n33 starts a list of the many splendid colored plates in the book.

Tally ho!

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A new coat of arms of several factors, arranged in various symmetrical oval shapes placed on top.

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