Wednesday, August 19

Finding People Who Are Still Living

In searching out our family history, it's not always about ancestors who lived generations or centuries ago. Sometimes, we just want to know more about people who are (or at least, may be) still alive, but who we lost touch with for one reason or another.

It could be Aunt Patty, who used to bounce you on her knee. Where is she now? What happened to Uncle Buddy? Was Buddy really his name? Maybe you even have a brother or sister you haven't heard from in years... where are they now?

Where is Uncle Buddy these days?

As always, the best starting place is your own family. Ask your living relatives (go ahead...give them a call...they'll love hearing from you) for any information they may have on the person you're looking for. Then, turn to the internet.

The online phone book, Superpages is a good place to start. This online directory can search the entire US at once; just leave the City/State field blank for a nation-wide search.

Intelius is another great people-search tool that can tell you a lot, including identifying possible relatives. (the name notwithstanding) also has current listings for people, and there's always newspaper searches at Google News or (Note, though, that Intelius, Ancestry and NewspaperArchive charge a fee after showing preliminary information for free).

Of course, you can always just Google their name. And believe it or not, it's sometimes possible to find people just from a search of their first name.

The cleverly-named is one of the best people finding aggregators on the web. 
There are too many people search tools to cover them all here, but check out this good people search overview for more information.

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Anonymous said...

You state that "
Intelius is another great people-search tool that can tell you a lot, including identifying possible relatives." Have you googled 'Intelius scam'? They have been making false deductions from my account ever since I made one legitimate purchase. They will not allow me to cancel my 'subscription' which I never agreed to

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